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Food safety authorities are tasked to ensure that products are correctly labeled and safe. Due to global supply chains this task has become increasingly hard. Many products being sold may contain less amount of ingredients than stated, or more contamination than allowed.

As the desire to know which products are trustworthy is increasing, food product companies invest in marketing campaigns, or publish their own laboratory analyses to increase trust. The reliability of marketing and self-stated information however can be questionable.

Novatrace implements reliable quality assurance with standardized testing to verify and share laboratory analysis results with supply chain participants and consumers. Our blockchain powered product quality verification enhances trust in qualitative brands!


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Products are certified on quality standards, specifying requirements about the presence of ingredients stated on product labels and/or the absence of product-specific contamination risks.

Quality standards are checked by verifying laboratory analysis results. All ingredient batches and product samples are tested at ISO compliant laboratories, ensuring highly accurate and reliable data.

Test results are shared internally with supply chain participants, or online with consumers. Novatrace provides reliable product quality information, enabling trustful and safe purchasing choices!

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