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Novatrace is a non-profit organization implementing transparency solutions for quality standards of goods and products. Our mission is to provide user insight into product quality, stimulating sustainable business and consumer purchasing choices.



Set a product or industry quality standard


Perform third party quality testing


Share selected results online


Novatrace partnered with CAN providing a quality mark for CBD food supplements. The CBD is traced from seed to product with data leveraged on a DLT blockchain network. Consumers are directed to by QR code or link, to verify product lab test and traceability certificates.

The CBD industry is growing fast. Unfortunately some brands profit by selling products with less active ingredients than stated on the label, synthesized compounds sold as natural extracts, or contaminated material. The quality mark differentiates brands by ensuring consumers that certified products meet quality requirements and originate from safe sources.

The project framework enables batch level material tracing across supply chains without sharing sensitive production and supplier information between producers or to the public. By overseeing the supply chains and managing its participants Novatrace compiles traceability certificates containing sharable information while keeping confidential data private. Certificates are systematically audited by third parties with access to the blockchain ledger.



R. FurlanFounder
Background: Project Management, Quality Assurance
S.C.D. BaronBusiness Consultant
Background: Business Intelligence, Quality Engineering
J. van AgtmaalTechnical Consultant
Background: Data Science, Innovation Management
S. VrijaldenhovenTechnical Consultant
Background: Data Privacy and System Security


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